Don Jackson

Don Jackson

Donald Jackson – I have been a Friends volunteer since 2002. I joined the Friends of MacKenzie because I have always loved nature and the outdoors. Being a Friend allows me to enjoy both! I participate in many ways which is one of the reasons I joined.  You can be involved in as many activities as … Read More

Carl Bujanowski

I have been a member for 17 years and a member of the board for the last 5.5 years, currently hold the President position. I have been involved in the Maple Program, trail clearing, invasive species removal, wood splitting, building bridges, among others. My aim is to continue following the proud tradition of the Friends.

Joanne Johnson

I joined the Friends of MacKenzie in 2014 and have volunteered in the Finishing House canning maple syrup with Don Jackson and my husband, Don Buttery (there are a lot of Dons here!)  I became a new board member in 2018. I have been a fan of the MacKenzie Center since I was a child … Read More

Tony Schwarz

I became a Friends volunteer in 2015 and was elected to the Board of Directors in 2018. I was raised and presently live in Madison, but for many years my family owned property north of MacKenzie along Rocky Run Creek. It was on this property where I developed an appreciation for nature and outdoor activities … Read More

Paul Alexander

My volunteer experiences with the Friends of MacKenzie began in 2016. I have discovered it to be a very worthwhile organization. As a retired teacher, I recognize the outstanding educational opportunities the MacKenzie Center provides to the young people of our state as extremely important. I enjoy supporting these adventures however I am able. An … Read More

Susan Hill

Maple season at the MacKenzie Center is a magical mix of biology, history, chemistry, and environmental education. And there is a delicious final product! I started volunteering for the Maple Education Program in 2018. I love volunteering at the MacKenzie Center because all of the programs are well-organized, the volunteer training is excellent, and the … Read More

Kim M Sperry Frazier

“Mother nature invites and Mackenzie hosts“ that has been my motto for the MacKenzie Center for many years. I was born and raised in Janesville Wisconsin. I attended the Mackenzie Environmental Center in fourth grade. At that time the wildlife center was west of the conservation museum. I graduated early from Craig high school, and … Read More

Roger Cardoni

In 2002 a friend asked if I would be interested in joining the Friends of MacKenzie.  After learning more about the MacKenzie Center and the Friends organization, my wife, Patti, and I decided to join.  All the programs offering the chance to be outside were very inviting.  I previously served on the Board from 2002 … Read More

Amy Berg

I have been a member of the Friends for approximately 7 years.  I joined after being approached by a few members of the Friends who presented the opportunity for me to work alongside them and contribute to the promotion and growth of the group.  Being from Poynette since 1985, I had watched the commitment of … Read More

Judy Smith

The first year I worked as a volunteer was 2000.  I saw an ad for volunteers in the newspaper and thought it sounded like a fun thing to do.  It was then and still is!  After volunteering for awhile, it just seemed natural to join the Friends and support the organization.  I mostly volunteer with … Read More

Dan Doyle

As a 5th grade teacher in the mid 2000’s I was part of a team of teachers from Beaver Dam that brought students to MacKenzie Environmental Center for a two-day, one-night experience in environmental education.  Back then we teachers did all the instruction.  We taught fire building, tracks and scat, orienteering, and tree identification.  I … Read More