Dennis Grady

I started coming to MacKenzie as a youngster for Traut family picnics, so I have enjoyed the property for years.  I have been a member of the Friends for about 10 years.

I was spending time at my Health and Awareness Center on Traut Road when I started stopping over to MacKenzie for walks. Someone mentioned the Maple Harvest. My wife Marilyn and I had made maple syrup on her family farm in Gleason WI. I thought it might be fun for us to participate.

I started volunteering years ago with the Maple student education program. Then the Maple Fest needed help in the kitchen. I started with the eggs and worked my way over to pancake batter. The following year I got promoted to assistant runner and outdoor egg cooker. I worked under Ruth Ann Lee and Roxanne Burgard for a couple of years. Then I was promoted to Chief runner, egg cooker, ticket counter and crowd control for the The Maple Fest Breakfast. I now work with Roxanne and Amy Warren at the Maple Fest Breakfast (mostly staying out of their way!) They are a fine tuned machine. I have helped with firewood splitting, making paths, hauling brush and moving gravel.  I also was on the archery teaching squad for Fall Festival.

I sure do like the friends we have made through the Friends of MacKenzie. I like the outdoor connection. I like the dedication of all the members and the leadership and commitment of all involved.  I like that we are all paid the same. ?