Sue Brockel

My first association with MacKenzie occurred over 50 years ago.  My husband, being a shirt-tail relative of Lydia MacKenzie, was well aware of the facility and we soon spent many Sunday afternoons having a picnic, sledding, or watching the wildlife.  It became the place to go with our children.

As a fourth grade teacher, I brought my class to MacKenzie on many field trips.  I began bringing them to the Maple program and was so impressed with the amount of science they learned.  At age 10, photosynthesis is hard to learn from a book, but when they could act it out at the maple tree, they would remember it for a long time.  I decided that when I retired, I would get involved in the Maple instruction and so I did.  With that came joining Friends of MacKenzie and becoming involved in many other aspects of the center.  In the past I have served on the board, and have been involved in many activities such as MOHEE, Pope and Young, Maple Fest, and Fall Festival.  Presently, I run the gift shop and keep track of the membership.

I find volunteering at MacKenzie Center a very rewarding experience.  Watching children learn, making great friendships, and being part of helping the property prosper is a remarkable experience.