Susan Poznanski

This is my third year as a Friends of MacKenzie volunteer and I have recently been elected to the Board of Friends. Living in Poynette for 40 years, I have had many opportunities to visit MacKenzie Center with family and friends. I started volunteering after I had retired and heard that volunteers were needed for the Maple Program. I thought I would give it a try. I enjoy being able to help the Center and it’s something I really believe in.

As a volunteer for the Maple Program, I conduct tapping tours and teach school groups about sugar mapling. Whenever possible, I like to participate in the volunteer work days which are spent stacking wood, washing windows, brush cutting, raking, and other activities that help maintain the MacKenzie Center. Being involved with a group that is so enthusiastic and really enjoys the things they do here is very rewarding. Helping to keep MacKenzie the great place it is and has been is also rewarding and important to me. Everyone involved loves the MacKenzie Center as much as I do and it shows!