Where’s Wolfie #1

Where’s Wolfie ? #1


[Note: This is the second of a series of articles by “Wolfie” (pictured below), a young wolf puppy, describing his visit to the MacKenzie Center near Poynette, Wisconsin with his human friend, Johnny. This article starts the “Where’s Wolfie” contest. If you have visited the MacKenzie Center, see if you can guess where Wolfie had his picture taken.]

 So here is the first picture of me at the MacKenzie Center. Can you guess where I am?

Well, let me help you with some clues. Obviously, I’m sitting on a sign that even I can read.  It says “Recycling …” There are trees and bushes around so I must be outside (that’s why I’m not wearing a mask in this picture).  Behind me in the picture there is some kind of a path. So where could I be? Will you be the only one in your family or among your friends to make the correct guess?

There are lots of outdoor things to do and see at the MacKenzie Center even though the buildings there are closed temporarily because of the Coronavirus restrictions. My friend, Johnny, and I visited the MacKenzie Center this summer and found that we could learn some new things from the displays and the exhibits even when no one else was around.

By the way, when I’m inside a building or when I have to be close to people while I’m outside, I always wear a mask. Here’s an inside picture of me in my mask to prove it.

Johnny is about 11 years old and went to the MacKenzie Center last year with his 4th grade class at school. He listened and learned a lot from his visit, so he understands more about what we saw at the MacKenzie Center and could explain some things to me.

Johnny told me that the Environmental Protection Agency (I think that is part of the federal government) says that, “Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products.” For me, that’s lots of words that I’m still having difficulty understanding. But Johnny says that until we all learn not to produce things that get thrown away after being used only once, “Recycling” can benefit our community and our environment.

I looked around after Johnny took my picture, and I did not see any trash or new products. So what do you suppose the Recycling sign refers to?

Here is something that may help you find where Johnny took my picture. It’s a map of the MacKenzie Center, and when you look at it closely, you can find the animal display, the lodge and dormitories, and where the hiking trails are located (that’s a hint too). You can find a similar map posted on the MacKenzie Center’s website that the Department of Natural Resources maintains for the MacKenzie Center (https://dnr.wi.gov/education/mackenzie/documents/MacKenzieMap.pdf.

Johnny also told me that a group called the Friends of MacKenzie has been raising money to improve the display of native Wisconsin animal species at the MacKenzie Center. He says you can make a donation to the Wildlife Project at the Friends’ website. Although I’m a pretty smart young puppy, I wondered, “Is a website a place where a spider builds its home?”

So if you really want to know where my picture was taken, ask your Mom or Dad or even your grandparents to bring you to the MacKenzie Center for a family outing. They can enter thecontest too. Maybe the whole family can look for the place my picture was taken, and each of you can enter the contest. Maybe I’ll still be there sitting on the “Recycling …” sign. I’ll tell you where the picture was taken in next week’s installment of “Where’s Wolfie”. Email your guess on where I am in the first picture to whereswolfie2020@gmail.com before 5:00 p.m., Friday, August 28.  If there is more than one correct answer, the Friends will draw a winner from among the correct entries. If you are the prize winner, the Friends will contact you by return email.
Good luck on the contest.