Where’s Wolfie #2

Where’s Wolfie #2


[Note: This is the third article in a series by “Wolfie”, a young wolf puppy, describing his visits to the MacKenzie Center near Poynette, Wisconsin with his human friend, Johnny. If you have visited the MacKenzie Center, see if you guessed where Wolfie had his picture taken for last week’s article and try to solve this week’s puzzle.]

Last week I was perched on a sign at the MacKenzie Center but the only part of the sign you could read was “Recycling… “  If you thought last week’s picture was taken at the trailhead for the Wildlife and Conifer Trail at the south end of the MacKenzie Center, you guessed correctly. My human friend, Johnny, took another picture of me sitting on top of the same sign, but now you can see what the sign says. Johnny has been at the MacKenzie Center many times before, so I asked him how this trail was made with tires.

Johnny said the trail was paved with asphalt and ground up tires over 26 years ago with the help of the Friends of MacKenzie and a grant from the Evjue Foundation. The path was paved so that the Wildlife Trail would be more accessible for people who wanted to enjoy the outdoors but had difficulty walking. Johnny said that it was a good example of what happens when people work together on a project.

Although many places are closed because of the Coronavirus, Johnny and I found out all of the trails at the MacKenzie Center are open from dawn to dusk, and if you walked the full length of all of the trails and visited the wildlife display, you would walk for over 3 miles. You don’t even need a Wisconsin parks sticker to visit the MacKenzie Center. If you visit the MacKenzie Center, bring along Mom and Dad or even Grampa and Grandma. Chances are they visited MacKenzie when they were in school long ago, and they might need an outdoor place to go to make them feel better.

The Wildlife Area at the MacKenzie Center also was open from 10 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Johnny and I stopped at the Wildlife Area and saw the deer, two lynxes, an eagle, three bison, and other animals that are native to Wisconsin. And we saw the wolves who have a home at the MacKenzie Center (I think they are my cousins). Johnny told me that the Friends of MacKenzie were raising money to help the wolves at the MacKenzie Center get a new home.

So, are you ready to guess where my picture was taken for this week’s challenge?

Here I am perched on a bunch of small branches somewhere at the MacKenzie Center. While it might seem like it is just a pile of wood and twigs, actually it is much more than that. It did not seem very comfortable to me, but maybe I’m even visiting someone’s home. If you have been to the Wildlife Area at the MacKenzie Center, figuring out where I am in this picture might be easy for you. Come for a visit at the MacKenzie Center and see if you can find where Johnny took my picture. Bring along your parents or grandparents.

Email your entry for this week’s “Where’s Wolfie” contest to whereswolfie2020@gmail.com before 5:00 p.m. on September 5. If you are the prize winner, the Friends will contact you by return email. If there is more than one correct entry to this week’s contest, the Friends of Mackenzie will draw a contest winner from among the correct entries. I hope to hear from you and good luck.