2022 Friends of MacKenzie Calendar available

The Friends of MacKenzie has a new calendar with MacKenzie Center pictures and dates for planned events in 2022. Although you have probably heard that shopping may be difficult this year because of problems with the supply chain, our 2022
calendar has been produced and printed right here in Wisconsin, and we can fill your order right away. Our calendar can be used as a belated stocking stuffer for Christmas or simply as a gift to yourself. The net proceeds from the calendar sales will support the Friends’ renovation of the Wildlife Area at the MacKenzie Center and will help us continue to encourage environmental and outdoor education at the MacKenzie Center.

Each calendar provides you with:
● Seasonally appropriate, color photos taken at the MacKenzie Center.
● Tentative dates for MacKenzie Center events (subject to changes).
● Quotations to ponder for each month from poets, philosophers, and fictional authors.
You get all this for just $15.00 per copy plus $3.00 for shipping and handling. All you need to do is connect to our Friends website or Facebook page by clicking on the link below, get out your credit card, tell us how many copies you want, and select the “Add to Cart” button. To maintain security, all online payments are through PayPal. We’ll send your calendar(s) via the US Postal Service within three days of receiving your order. And Wolfie’s back. He especially likes the picture on the calendar for the month of January, and he says, “Thanks for your support, and don’t forget you can include an additional donation for the Friends of MacKenzie when you send in your calendar order.”
Link: http://friendsofmackenzie.org/product/2022-calendar/

Best wishes for Hayley in her new career!

Hayley Parsons has been an Educator and Wildlife Technician at the MacKenzie Center for over five years, but is now moving on to be a high school science teacher. Her energy, creativity, hard work, and great personality and attitude have brought so much to the MacKenzie Center and really made a difference.  We will miss her very much, but wish her the best and know she will be a great teacher.

Hayley with her goodbye/congratulations cake.

Friends President Carl Bujanowski presents Hayley with a card/gift from the Friends of MacKenzie.

Good luck in all your future endeavors, Hayley!

MacKenzie Center Property Updates

The MacKenzie Center is open Sunday-Saturday from dawn to dusk.  THe Wildlife Exhibit, Museums, and Administration Building Restrooms are open from 10 am – 4 pm daily.  Museum and indoor restrooms are now open!  There are also four new kiosks around the property to aid visitors during their exploration of the MacKenzie Center.

Membership and Donations

As all of us are dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic, we must continue to support the things that are important to us.  The Friends of MacKenzie has taken and is continuing to take a big hit with not finishing the Maple Program, no Maple Festival, no Fall Festival, and no fundraising banquet. Many of our members paid their dues early in 2020. However, there are a large number who did not pay them. First, we are asking for those of you who did not pay your dues to do so if possible.  Secondly, we are suggesting that those who are paid up or are life members may want to send an additional donation to aid in continuing the operation of the Friends of MacKenzie.  Your support is always greatly appreciated.

Membership dues are as follows:

Family – $40.00     Individual – $30.00     Life – $300.00

Dues and/or donations are to be sent to :

Don Jackson, W9301 Voss Road, Poynette, WI 53955

Check out our new project, “Where is Wolfie?” on facebook.  Each week Wolfie finds a new place to hide on the MacKenzie property and the person who finds him wins a prize.

Time to renew your Friends of MacKenzie membership!

Memberships in the Friends of MacKenzie come up for renewal each January, so now is a great time to take care of that.  You can use the form at the end of this post or find one in our brochure.  Even though many of you contribute many volunteer hours (which makes a huge difference in keeping the Center running and enabling the friends to do so many things), you might also wish to become a member.  The dues help fund scholarships for schools and other groups when they come to MacKenzie for day and over night trips (often used for transportation costs).  It also is used directly for materials for projects like replacing the roof on the log cabin museum, safety improvements for our hay wagon, purchasing bird feeding supplies, improvements to the wildlife area, and so much more.  Please consider renewing or becoming a new member today.

Membership form for 2020

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