Amy Berg

I have been a member of the Friends for approximately 7 years.  I joined after being approached by a few members of the Friends who presented the opportunity for me to work alongside them and contribute to the promotion and growth of the group.  Being from Poynette since 1985, I had watched the commitment of people involved and the various accomplishments along the way.  It was only natural to want to be part of such an outstanding effort for our community.  My family and I have been very involved with the Maple Syrup Festival and enjoy participating in various activities held and sponsored by the Friends of MacKenzie.  It’s a great opportunity to develop lifelong bonds while sharing a mutual passion for our vision.  As a member of the Friends, I am able to work collectively with others to listen to the voices of our community and ensure the longevity of continued outdoor education not only to local schools, but to the neighboring communities as well.  Through the Friends I have met some really great people and am looking forward to being part of future endeavors.