Dan Doyle

As a 5th grade teacher in the mid 2000’s I was part of a team of teachers from Beaver Dam that brought students to MacKenzie Environmental Center for a two-day, one-night experience in environmental education.  Back then we teachers did all the instruction.  We taught fire building, tracks and scat, orienteering, and tree identification.  I led the tree identification group.  It was a thrill to be part of an effort to help our students grow in their understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

I joined the Friends group after my experiences in the mid 2000’s.  Most of my support since then has been financial.  I have attended many annual meetings though, and it was at the January 2020 meeting that my nomination as a board member was presented (to my surprise).  I considered this way to expand my involvement with this dynamic group and said yes to the nomination!  I am glad to be a part of this group of enthusiastic people devoted to the promotion of environmental awareness and experiences to youth and families.