Don Jackson

Donald Jackson – I have been a Friends volunteer since 2002. I joined the Friends of MacKenzie because I have always loved nature and the outdoors. Being a Friend allows me to enjoy both! I participate in many ways which is one of the reasons I joined.  You can be involved in as many activities as you want. Currently I am the treasurer of the Friends. My talents don’t end there though; I am also the head finisher during maple season. I enjoy participating in maintenance projects when I can and other activities that support the Friends. Purchasing the center’s bird seed and collecting the mail are on my list of to-dos as well.

What do I like best about being a Friend? You can always find someone interesting to talk to, be it about nature, hunting, fishing, or just the outdoors in general.  Most importantly; however, is a sense of accomplishment in being part of a successful organization that is making a difference.