Where’s Wolfie #8

Where’s Wolfie #8


Many of you accurately guessed my location last week. I was sitting on the fire tower, and I am looking forward to climbing to the viewing level when the tower and other MacKenzie buildings are once again open to the public. In last week’s picture you saw me sitting on part of the fire tower support structure that has “West Allis” stenciled on it. Did you know that the tower used to be part of the Department of Natural Resources exhibit located at the state fairgrounds in West Allis, Wisconsin before it was moved to the MacKenzie Center? That’s the reason it has the “West Allis” mark.


The fall colors are coming into peak, so enjoy a ride in the country, and if you are near Poynette, consider stopping by for a visit. You and your family may hike the trails or view the Wildlife Exhibit. Now is a perfect time to be out and about.


This week is the last week of the Where’s Wolfie contests. As you can see, I am sitting in front of some sort of sign. I’m not very good at reading yet, but I think the sign might say ‘Wolfie Skills’. Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe I should go to more of Johnny’s classes. That way, I could improve my reading (a very good skill to have) and be able to interpret some of the displays on the property. Recently, some new informational signs were installed on the MacKenzie property, thanks to a major grant from the DeForest Area Rotary and Rotary International. Several of the new signs are in the Wildlife Exhibit. Come and have a look. However, this week, I am not sitting in the Wildlife Exhibit, but I am close to it.


Here are some clues: When the MacKenzie Center holds Maple Fest and the Fall Festival, the area where I’m at is very busy. There are volunteers working at exhibits while other folks are selling food, clothing, and various items. All are eager to answer your questions and help get you to where you need to be. Parents, grandparents, and kids are everywhere - with smiles on their faces and food caught in their braces. Hey, I think I just heard my cousins saying hello - those would be the wolves howling.


I’ll try to be at the MacKenzie Center if the festivals are held next year. I sure hope they are, but it all depends on how safe it is to allow large groups onto the property. Maybe I could be here with a volunteer and you could have your picture taken with me. That would be way cool, and I could get to meet some of you. I will look forward to seeing you - maybe my reading will improve and I will be able to read the sign. If not, you might need to read it for me.


So, what other clues can I give you to help you guess where I am? Well, in front of me is a small log cabin with a cedar shingle roof. If you look close, you can see me sitting on the railing, but that building isn’t the answer to this week’s question. Behind me is a large saw and an even larger log. I think I was sitting over there in an earlier episode of ‘Where’s Wolfie’. To my left, there are a few small buildings where I think the Friends of MacKenzie volunteers boil sap to make maple syrup.


When we are done visiting today, I am going to Johnny’s house for some vanilla ice cream and maple syrup. Tomorrow, we will be having pancakes and waffles for breakfast, also with maple syrup. Living with Johnny and his family, I need to be sure that I don’t gain too much weight. Each day, I take a long walk. Usually, I can last for a few miles, but sometimes, if the walk is too long, Johnny throws me in his backpack and I get a free ride home. To be honest, sometimes I fake being tired ... but don’t tell Johnny.


Johnny says, “All things must come to an end.” (Sometimes I think Johnny is starting to sound like his father.) Well, after this week, I will be taking some time off. I’m not leaving forever, though. I will return from time to time to keep in touch and to see how things are going. I plan on coming back for weekly stories when, and if, the Maple Program begins in late February. That is when students come to the MacKenzie Center and learn all about maple trees and the making of maple syrup - maybe some of you have attended with your class. The program will run through March and end in early April with Maple Fest. Maybe I’ll even be able to howl by that time.


And I may make a special appearance in the next couple of months to tell you about a special fundraising project the Friends of MacKenzie are working on. But sorry, the Friends asked me not to tell you what the project is at this time -- so let me just say that part of it starts with a “C”. Just check the Friends’ website from time to time (http://friendsofmackenzie.org/), and you will find out.


Well, there you have it. I have enjoyed being a storyteller for the last couple of months, and I look forward to seeing and hearing from you again in the future. I hope you have enjoyed being a part of the ‘Where’s Wolfie’ series, and I thank all of you who have read my stories and who have responded to my questions.


So, do you know where I am this week? If you think so, please send me an email at whereswolfie2020@gmail.com by 5:00 pm on Friday, October 16th. A winner will be randomly drawn from the correct responses and announced on Saturday. The winner will receive a certificate signed by me and a Friends of MacKenzie T-shirt.


Good luck and until we see again - here’s howlin’ at ya’.