School Groups

The MacKenzie Center provides outdoor skills and environmental education learning opportunities to school groups of all ages, scouts, 4H clubs, community groups and the general public. Programs include a variety of classes that engage students in exploring the outdoors and focus on hands-on learning. Students can come face-to-face with native wildlife, build outdoor skills, explore pond, prairie and forest habitats, or gaze at the stars while on a night hike.

MacKenzie Center offers day and overnight programs, and MacKenzie Educators will work with you to design an individualized program that meets your group’s needs and learning objectives. To plan your MacKenzie Center field trip, visit the Center’s planning page to find out how to register and to see the full list of class offerings [PDF].

The Friends of the MacKenzie Center are proud to provide financial support to groups seeking an educational experience at the MacKenzie Center. After scheduling your field trip, apply for our scholarship program with this simple application.

Friends of MacKenzie Scholarship Program:

The Friends of MacKenzie is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers whose purpose is to encourage and promote school based environmental education. To encourage participation and help make field trips affordable to all schools and other organizations, the Friends have established a scholarship program. The scholarship program is intended to provide limited financial assistance to visiting groups based on their needs. If a group has reserved a date on the program calendar and your trip may be in jeopardy due to limited finances, we encourage you to utilize the scholarship application found on this site to apply for assistance. Non-school based groups please contact the Friends regarding possible assistance.