Christmas Trees for Wildlife

Before you discard your Christmas tree to the curb, please consider donating it to the animals at the MacKenzie Center.  Christmas trees are a favorite enrichment item for most of the animals here at MacKenzie. It gives them an opportunity to explore new smells, observe a new item, play with them, or use them as a shelter where they can hide next to or under.

If you do decide to donate your Christmas tree, please make sure that all of your ornaments and their hanging wire hooks, and strings are off to prevent any injury to the animals. Also, some of our animals may consider tasting the trees, so please no trees that have being sprayed with fire retardant chemicals or any other hazardous materials.

You can drop off the trees by the back entrance of the wildlife area and our wildlife technicians will pick them up and bring them up to the animals.

Thank you!

Attached a few photos of our two foxes playing around a donated Christmas from previous years.

If you have any questions, you can also contact Alder Villegas, Wildlife Technician, at [email protected]