Kim M Sperry Frazier

“Mother nature invites and Mackenzie hosts“ that has been my motto for the MacKenzie Center for many years. I was born and raised in Janesville Wisconsin. I attended the Mackenzie Environmental Center in fourth grade. At that time the wildlife center was west of the conservation museum. I graduated early from Craig high school, and was an exchange student to Lima Peru for one year. During this time I gained acquisition of the Spanish language. On return, I attended UW Madison and UW Whitewater. And I graduated in 1984 with a bilingual elementary education degree and in 1989 I graduated with my masters as a bilingual reading specialist. Our family began taking our children and friends up to MacKenzie every fall. I began teaching in the Milton School District as a Spanish teacher, and then was a six grade teacher and fifth grade teacher. I started attending as a teacher with the Milton School District outdoor education program hosted at The MacKenzie Center. After three years, I was asked to take over the program as a co-coordinator from Les Delo. I coordinated the program for 27 years for the Milton School District.All children need to be connected with nature, have intriguing experiences in nature’s diverse habitats and understand the importance of respect toward our community of flora & fauna. Then children and adults may choose how to integrate themselves, via hunting, fishing, hiking and camping. The choices we make , make us. The opportunities awaiting students and the public at the Educational Environmental Center of MacKenzie widens our perspective of the universe.
I would like to sincerely thank the Friends of MacKenzie for allowing me to serve on the Board.
Go in a GOoD Way, Kim M SperryFrazier