Susan Hill

Maple season at the MacKenzie Center is a magical mix of biology, history, chemistry, and environmental education. And there is a delicious final product! I started volunteering for the Maple Education Program in 2018. I love volunteering at the MacKenzie Center because all of the programs are well-organized, the volunteer training is excellent, and the DNR staff and other volunteers are so friendly and welcoming. There are many year-round volunteer opportunities available, and other ones that I have enjoyed include guiding youth groups through the Wildlife Area and helping at Fall Fest.

My family and I joined the Friends of MacKenzie in 2019. I was elected to the Board in 2021 and currently serve as Secretary. The MacKenzie Center is a special place that offers hiking trails, museums, a picnic area, and a native Wisconsin wildlife exhibit. They also have many educational programs for youth groups, which mesh with my educational and career background in chemistry and environmental science. I hope to be involved with the Friends group for many years, helping to maintain this beautiful place, and furthering the next generation of environmental education.