Tony Schwarz

I became a Friends volunteer in 2015 and was elected to the Board of Directors in 2018.

I was raised and presently live in Madison, but for many years my family owned property north of MacKenzie along Rocky Run Creek. It was on this property where I developed an appreciation for nature and outdoor activities – hunting, fishing, hiking, and just plain old  “getting away from the city”.  Often, when returning home, I would stop at MacKenzie to view the animals, to walk through the museum, or to climb the fire tower and watch the sunset over the Baraboo Hills. Only later did I learn of the numerous trails, the educational programs, and the  the Friends of MacKenzie volunteers.

As a retired public school teacher, I realize the value of outdoor education and the need for connecting people with their natural environment. As a Board member, I look forward to working with the staff and volunteers to promote the programs of MacKenzie and to share an appreciation for nature with friends and students.